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Hello, World!

Cathy W. Lauro here, finally! It’s very exciting for me (and hopefully it will be for you, too) as I begin a brand new blog, pretty much for the first time ever; well actually I started a little blog a few years ago, but the timing wasn’t right. I’ll tell you more about why another time; it’s a very heart-warming story about my dad.

For now, my mission for this blog is to share with you what is on my mind and in my heartinsights I have learned along the way and stories that must be told (I am also a professional speaker); practical and fun ways of how to use not only your intelligence, but also your imagination (I was invited to speak and share my ideas with the CIA at Langley Headquarters);  learning how to:  enhance the mind-body connection, love yourself (my biggest challenge and greatest triumph), deal with stress, feel better, be happier, create more moments of joy, with plenty of tips on how to enrich your life. I hope to inspire you to live more deeply, joyfully, and successfully.

We’re off on an exciting journey (practical, educational, and inspirational), and to help guide us, I have a MAP (Master’s degree in Applied Psychology). Also, some news you may be interested in to help as we move forward:  I have just finished rewriting and editing my book The Inside Advantage: how ordinary people can accomplish EXTRAORDINARY things (Second Edition), which is now an eBook on Amazon.

Cathy and Mark Victor Hansen

Cathy and Mark Victor Hansen

As my friend Mark Victor Hansen says, “Cathy will not only make you think, she will touch your heart and soul in a very special way.”

I invite you to visit my website:  www.CWLauro.com to see how what I offer might help you or someone you know, not only with my book, but also unique audio programs for stress, wellness, sleep, radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments, and more…

Thank you for joining me on this special journey; it will certainly be an adventure! I hope you’ll come back again; there’s so much more to share…

Blessings, Love & Light,


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