What is The Inside Advantage?

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Live More Deeply, Joyfully, and Successfully!

Welcome! A new day is dawning and we are on our way…a journey that is educational and inspirational.

I know I said I’d talk about my dad’s near-death experience this time (I promise to do that next week), but first I thought it was best to start with an explanation of what The Inside Advantage is:

  • a valuable tool to help you change the way you experience life, believing in yourself and your abilities
  • a practical guide for understanding the mind—how it works and how you can use it more effectively to accomplish extraordinary things
  • the strengths you gain when you tap into your inner resources—your mind and heart—and get them to work together in agreement
  • about moving forward on your journey; it is gaining an advantage over the way you have done things in the past—who you were compared with who you are today
  • a mental and heartfelt attitude—living deeply, joyfully, and successfully

EscapeCoverThis is also the name of my guided imagery/creative visualization audio programsThe Inside Advantage®  Escape to Serenity, Sleep Well, Visualizing Radiant Health, Rays of Sunlight (for use with radiation therapy), River of Sunlight (for chemotherapy), and motivational series Let Go, Lighten Up, and Get On With It! (a Woman’s Guide to Extraordinary Health, Happiness, and True Success), and more… Click here for more info on all audio programs.

IA_BookCover_2ndEditionAND, it is also the name of my eBookThe Inside Advantage:  how ordinary people can accomplish EXTRAORDINARY things

To find out more about The Inside Advantage visit my website blog at CWLauro.com

We have lots of territory to cover. So, off we go…

Blessings, Love & Light,


Copyright © 2014 Cathy W. Lauro
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