Angel of Hope — Gaining The Inside Advantage

Angel of HopeStage 4 lymphoma, three lung infections, on a respirator. It wasn’t looking good for Dad. The day had come—we planned to take Dad off the respirator at noon; two doctors said he wasn’t coming back.

That morning in the hospital gift shop, I bought a Christmas ornament that said, “Father.” I knew I’d be remembering him this Christmas and every year as I decorated my tree. I also was drawn to a little snow globe with an “Angel of Hope” inside; I couldn’t resist, so I bought that, too. Oddly, all hope seemed to be lost.

Remembering Father Tree Ornament

Family members arrived at the hospital early; we sang Dad’s favorite songs, then took turns holding his hand as we said our silent goodbyes. His hand was warm, but I felt his life slipping away; the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. It was never a day we anticipated or would wish for anyone. We watched as fourteen tubes were disconnected one by one. At noon, the respirator would be the last.

There is more to this miraculous story on my website, and much more to come…

In the meantime,

Gain The Inside Advantage

Live More Deeply, Joyfully, and Successfully

Blessings, Love and Light,


Copyright 2014 Cathy W. Lauro
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