Art is a Great Way to Express Emotions– Gaining The Inside Advantage

Ethereal Connection - Red Orange

Art can be a way of expressing many different types of emotions — from great joy to profound sadness and grief. Art is good for the soul!

From the experience of connecting with my father in a deeply-loving, spiritual way before losing him to cancer, I was inspired to paint an abstract collection: Ethereal Connections.

This one is Red Orange. This and two others have been on exhibit at The Arkansas Repertory Theater in Little Rock, and are currently on display at Ciao Restaurant in downtown Little Rock. I now create custom-colored designs for individuals.

To see the others and more info under the Art section on Cathy’s website, Click Here 

Painting for me is always a joyful experience! I love using different color combinations; please feel free to suggest colors for me to try. Thanks!

Thank you again for “listening,” and sharing. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this spiritual journey of hope, gratitude, and love. It really is about gaining The Inside Advantage – living more deeply, joyfully, and successfully.

Blessings, Love, and Light,


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