“Cancer-Free, for Now” – Gaining The Inside Advantage

Now that Dad was a little better, he was able to continue his fight against stage 4 lymphoma cancer by starting chemo again. How he hung on so long, we cannot understand, but he was determined to keep going. He went through treatments for months and by God’s grace, we had more time together.

Dad's Return to Health

Another miracle — several months later, he was told that he was “cancer-free.” I’m not sure I believe that wholeheartedly now, but he certainly seemed like he was well. He had regained all of his weight, had a rosy glow to his cheeks, and a smile on his face. And he wanted to live – more deeply, joyfully, and successfully! He definitely had The Inside Advantage!

Shadows of Dad, Mom, and MeA year and a half after nearly taking him off life support, he and Mom visited me in Florida, rented a furnished house, and had a total blast for the short time they were here. He looks great, doesn’t he? This photo above was taken during his FL visit. We had some very special, memorable times together that I will always cherish.

Four months later he was once again diagnosed with cancer; it was everywhere in his body. After a few months of chemo, hopes were high. This time it was a different story.

Mom called me from the parking lot of the hospital, crying, saying that the chemo didn’t help, in fact, the cancer had spread everywhere. There was one more extremely powerful chemo that may help and Dad was willing to try it. He did, but it destroyed his bone marrow. So what happens now?

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Thank you for continuing to “listen” to this heart-warming story. Whether you realize it or not, as you read this blog, you are gaining The Inside Advantage — living more deeply, joyfully, and successfully. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this journey…

Blessings, Love, and Light,


Copyright 2014 Cathy W. Lauro



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