Long, Last Looks and Last Words – Letting Go and Gaining The Inside Advantage

Mom healed quickly from her heart surgery and was able to leave the hospital; Dad wanted to spend his last days at home with Mom, so he went into hospice care. We knew he didn’t have much time in this human body — it was tired from so much living. It was time to let go of him as my earthly father. I knew that his spirit would soar! His soul was ready. And I knew he wasn’t afraid to let go because he had already shared his beautiful near-death experience with me.

Kissing Dad for the Last Time
Kissing Dad for the Last Time


The last time I saw him, I lived as deeply as I could in every single moment — I looked deeply into his eyes and experienced perfect LOVE, I focused on the warmth of his breath on my fingers as I fed him a piece of chocolate muffin, I felt the warmth of his hand as I held it lovingly in mine, finding it hard to let go. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the top of his shaved head on my lips as I kissed him for the last time and said, “I love you, Dad, My Precious One. See you in the blue!”

(That’s what we would say each night when I was a little girl as we went to sleep; it refers to the dark night sky turning into a beautiful blue morning.)

I invite you to go to my website blog for the final part of this story (where there’s always more to read each week) and Dad’s last memorable words to me:   CWLauro.com

Thank you for continuing to “listen” to this touching story. I hope that you realize that you are gaining The Inside Advantage — living more deeply, joyfully, and successfully. Please continue to join me on this journey as we begin to touch on new topics…

Blessings, Love, and Light,


 Copyright 2014 Cathy W. Lauro
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