Are there simple answers for illness? Gain The Inside Advantage and Find Out

Find Joy Every Day

Find Joy Every Day


There are no simple answers when we ask, “Why did I get sick?” but we may have some clues.

Dr. Andrew Weil, during a television interview, discussed the link between the mind and body. He suggested that we “…look at what is going on in our lives. What emotional pains could we be suppressing in our heads that are being transferred in physical ways?” This is not to say that we cause our illnesses, but, if the possibility exists that our emotions contribute in any way, isn’t it worth looking into?

Maybe all we can do is learn from what happens to us and make the very best use our time to enhance the quality of our lives. When we have an illness, we can choose to give up or do everything we can to help ourselves. We can take an active role in enhancing our well-being.

As Bernie Siegel, M.D., cancer specialist and author, reminds us, we may not be in complete control of the final outcome of what happens to us, we can control our attitudes, how we treat ourselves, and what we bring into our lives. Dr. Siegel read my manuscript for my book and agreed to give a testimonial for it: “If you have the inspiration, this book can be your education.’

All of this is the focus of my work — helping others gain The Inside Advantage. See you next week as we continue on our journey of exploring how to live more deeply, joyfully, and successfully.

(The above statements are excerpts taken from my book The Inside Advantage: how ordinary people can accomplish EXTRAORDINARY things. The NEW Second Edition in e-book format is now available; it’s the one with my photo on the front cover.)

I invite you to take a look at my website and see how I might help you or someone you care about with the resources I’ve created with love.

By the way, CWL = Created With Love as well as my initials.

Blessings, Love, and Light,


 Copyright 1999, 2014 Cathy W. Lauro
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