How The Inside Advantage® Guided Imagery Works

All that you hear and all that you imagine during guided imagery can help you relax more deeply and can take you to places in your mind where you wouldn’t normally go when you are wide awake; it’s the perfect place to go to create positive changes in your life.

During deeply-relaxed states, your inner mind (subconscious) is much more open to receiving information, perhaps in the form of words or images that come to you unexpectedly. Positive affirmations can also be used at this time to change the way you think and feel, eventually changing your beliefs about yourself and the world you live in.

The mesmerizing music in the guided imagery audio programs was created especially for The Inside Advantage® series; listening to its slow beat invites your heart rate to slow down. Also, special sound effects and captivating, gently-pulsating tones can be heard in the background. Nothing is subliminal; you hear everything. The tones are synchronized to the brain wave patterns you naturally experience when you are deeply relaxed; they invite your brain waves to get in step with them so it’s easier to relax and focus without effort. The beat of the music and the tones work automatically to help you feel calm, comfortable, and carefree.

As you listen, I invite you to let go of your stress, your cares and concerns; my voice gently soothes and lulls you into a wonderfully peaceful state of serenity, mind and body. After a short while, your awareness will probably become much more focused (in the alpha-theta range of brain wave patterns, somewhere between waking and sleeping), where your mind is at peak receptivity for creating positive changes. In the Sleep Well program, which is designed to help you reach deep sleep more easily, the tones are much slower and are synchronized to the brain wave patterns you normally experience when you are in deep sleep (delta range).

When listening to each program, you will want to make yourself comfortable, sitting or reclining, in a quiet environment. Programs are intended for listening through headphones, with your eyes closed. You can also listen to these programs as you rest your head on your pillow before falling asleep.

These programs are not intended to be used while driving a vehicle, operating machinery, or while involved in an activity that requires you to be fully alert. To obtain the maximum benefit, plan to reinforce the relaxation, concepts, images, physical sensations, and emotional feelings by listening initially for 21 to 30 consecutive days. After that, you can listen as often as you like for reinforcement. These audio programs are designed to help you take advantage of your own inner resources. Train your mind to work for you for a change.

More information on each of the audio programs can be found at (Relaxation, Wellness, Sleep, Chemo, Radiation Therapy…and more)

Thank you for being here today. See you next week when I’ll share more on ways to live more deeply, joyfully and successfully.

Blessings, Love, and Light,


Copyright 2014 Cathy W. Lauro
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