Why Be Normal?

What is normal, anyway? I like being unique; and that makes me like everyone else! LOL

Although we humans all share basic DNA, there are so many “permutations and combinations” of variables that set us apart and make each one of us different, thinking and behaving in our own unique ways.

Our physical bodies in which we come into this world, every experience we have—every word and sound we hear, every fragrance and odor we breathe in, every touch we give and receive, every bite of food and drink we taste, everything we see and focus on, all play a role in making us who we are in this lifetime. And, more importantly, HOW we interpret and perceive all of these things (communicated through self-talk, especially those originating in our childhood) help determine our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

As we experience life, we continue to perceive information and interpret it as we talk to ourselves. This, in turn, either creates new beliefs or reinforces old ones. What we believe influences our interpretations and perceptions; and therefore, affects our experiences in both positive and negative ways. These are woven together like the threads that make up the fabric of our lives.

This information comes from my book The Inside Advantage:  How ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Be sure to check out the newly revised Second Edition e-Book found at CWLauro.com.

Next week I’ll share one thing I do differently from most women. I hope you’ll join me on this intellectual and spiritual journey—living more deeply, joyfully, and successfully.

Blessings, Love, and Light,


Copyright 1999, 2014 Cathy W. Lauro


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