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Angel Collection

Angel Collection


As I go through my stuff, boxing things up in preparation for the last of three phases of having carpeting ripped up and tile laid, I am becoming more aware of how I surround myself with what I love. I’ve decided to take time, not just to move things from one room to another, but to really look at what I own in the way of things, and to choose to whether or not to display it, keep it and store it away, or give it to charity.

Over the years I obviously have collected so many little things that have appealed to me in the moment—when visiting a new place, shopping, at garage sales, walking in the woods or on the beach. As I look around I see mementos everywhere—gifts from loved ones, found treasures like heart-shaped stones, beach glass, and LOTS of shells, rocks, and crystals! There is something magical about holding in your hand something that is probably millions of years old, something that is incredibly, naturally beautiful, and it begs you to notice it.

Some of my stuff includes gifts I gave to my dad when he was alive; I remember the joy they brought to him, and now I find joy in remembering.

And, I can’t believe how many framed photos I have!!! I’ve always taken lots of photos, even developing my own black and whites for a few years. I love looking every day at the familiar, smiling faces of the people I love. I recently put together four large framed collages that will go on the walls; they will take the place of about 35 frames! (That ought to save me some shelf space.)

I really don’t have room for all of my special things to be on display, but I seem to cram as much as I can into spaces where they can be seen, even if it’s only when I open the door to the armoire. “Surprise!” they say to me as they touch my heart and make me smile. These are gifts to myself–treating myself with loving kindness.

Clutter? I suppose, but I accept that I’d rather be surrounded with too much stuff that I love than not enough.  Put them away and forget about them? It’s difficult, but I try. Get rid of my treasures? I just can’t do it, at least not easily; they all have special meaning to me. As I fill a donation cart at GoodWill, I say goodbye to things that have been with me for a long while; sometimes I toss back into the trunk of my car a few things I’m not ready to let go of yet. There’s too much joy in the present moment when I reconnect with happy memories and such great energy from the past. I can put up with clutter; it’s worth it!

Do you have plenty of things that you love in your surroundings? If you do, you have The Inside Advantage.   Feel free to share some of your favorites.

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Thanks for joining me this week. Enjoy your moments!

Blessings, Love and Light,


Copyright 2014 Cathy W. Lauro


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