BLOG: More on Letting Go of Anger, Guilt, Regret, Fear, and Worry — Gaining The Inside Advantage


Peaceful Place of Roses

Peaceful Place of Roses

Last week I talked about Replacement – deliberately substituting one image or scene, a thought in your  mind,  for another—one that is more beneficial.

Another way to let go of negative emotions is through Dissociation, which I discuss in my book The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things. Basically it refers to learning how to manipulate any negative image or scene that comes to mind so that it will not create a stressful response. 

We can use Dissociation for stress relief by deliberately switching from the associative perspective (seeing images through your own eyes) and seeing an image or event as an observer rather than as an active participant. Use this technique to manipulate negative images and to feel better.

This can be used for images you imagine from the past and future, as well as some experiences in the present moment.


I  invite you to visit my website at to see an example of how to use the Dissociative technique to help yourself feel better.


Thanks for joining me this week. Enjoy YOUR moments!

Blessings, Love and Light,


Copyright 1999, 2014 Cathy W. Lauro

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