Don’t Just Wish or Complain, Take Action — Gain The Inside Advantage

Cathy W. Lauro Singing Karaoke ("Johnny Angel")

Cathy W. Lauro                           Singing Karaoke   (“Johnny Angel”)


Have you noticed that most people go through life wanting things to be different and hoping luck will eventually change things? Have you noticed that some people constantly complain about the way things are? They SAY they want to change, they want to things differently, they want their circumstances to be different, but they never DO anything about it. They expect certain things to occur, but their ACTIONS have little or nothing to do with making them happen!

They may feel miserably unhappy, but at least it’s a familiar situation; and, in an odd sort of way, they feel secure in their misery. Maybe they fear the idea of change. It may be too uncomfortable to even think about, let alone do something that might make a difference. They may come to a point in their lives when they realize that staying the same makes them more afraid than changing. Then they will be ready to take the first steps to move forward.

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