Weekly BLOG: Touch a Heart with TIA — Before Too Long

Touch a Heart with TIA

Touch a Heart with TIA


Touch a Heart with TIA

 I believe it’s never too late to do something you really want to do, even if you’re not 100% sure it will work out the way you hope, or that you’ll feel the way you want to feel, or experience all that you envision. But then again, you just might be very surprised!

If there is an inner voice speaking to you, seemingly from your mind and heart, urging you on, maybe the best thing to do is take a chance and go in that direction. The road may be paved with obstacles, twists and turns; it may look differently than you had expected, but somehow you know that you want to be on this path—you need to be on this part of the journey. Along the way, you may discover that it turns out to be a great adventure, taking you to places you had never even imagined. 

When I started my business, ReQuest, Inc., and now also known as Touch a Heart with TIA, my goal was to make a difference. I’ve done that for over 20 years now—teaching personal development classes, writing my first book The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things (another one, Celebration of the Heart, is almost finished), creating a variety of audio programs, being a life coach, speaking—sharing my ideas and expressing my feelings—always trying to touch others’ hearts and minds.

In all of my artwork and creative endeavors—paintings, jewelry, and crystal wire Trees of Love, I was expressing the joy inside myself (isn’t that what art is all about?). That in itself is enough, as in simply being is enough, but it’s added joy for me when others connect with those things and also feel joy.

Ten years ago I set out on a path, one that sprang up out of a dream I had one night. I had prayed for an idea to come to me that would leave a lasting legacy—something that would touch the hearts and enrich the lives of millions of people, helping families and friends connect in unique, meaningful, and extraordinary ways, inspiring everyone to live more deeply, joyfully, and successfully.

My grandmother Katie came to me in this dream and showed me something that she said would accomplish what I had prayed for.  I began the very next day taking steps on this extraordinary journey; it definitely has been an incredible adventure so far. It continues to give me opportunities to meet people I would never have met, and has taken me to places I would not have imagined. I am grateful!

Before too long, I will share more details of this particular part of my journey, so I hope you’ll come back to join me.

As always, I invite you to visit my website at CWLauro.com to learn more about some of the things I’ve created especially for YOU.

Thank you for joining me this time.

Blessings, Love & Light,


Copyright 2015 Cathy W. Lauro
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