Weekly Blog: Seeking Serenity – Gaining The Inside Advantage

TIA Spelled with Jasmine Flowers

TIA Spelled with Jasmine Flowers

Some times are more stressful than others, right? If it’s time to relax, read on…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things:

Imagining Joy to Relieve Stress

When you are under a lot of pressure and feel stressed, take time out to use your imagination. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, then relive your best moments. Go back to a special vacation in your mind; daydream about a place you want to go or something you hope to do. Re-experience an uplifting, joyful moment. Make it as real as possible in your mind by using your senses; feel the joy emotionally and physically.

To intensify happy feelings, make sure you are using the associative perspective (as if looking through your eyes), either with past or future scenes. Be mind-ful of the joy in each present moment so you will have wonderful memories to experience again and again. Remember that your brain and subconscious cannot tell the difference between a real event and one that you vividly imagine.

When life gets hectic, it’s difficult to stop and smell the roses; but you can still smell them while you run through life if you carry them with you in your mind. If nothing else, when you are hurrying through your day, breathe deeply and imagine the roses’ rich fragrance. You’ll catch yourself smiling.

Learning to create moments of joy for ourselves is extraordinary because it can help change the way we think and feel. We can spend our time and energy generating thoughts and images that help us experience more peace of mind. When we do, we experience less stress. The more stress we feel, the more joy we need to bring into our lives. It is especially important at these times that we force ourselves to feel joyful, even when we are not in the mood to be happy. This is what we need; this is what’s good for us.

Take care of yourself and experience more joy; escape to serenity for a change.

I invite you to visit CWLauro.com for a great creative visualization exercise called “Escape to Serenity.”

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Until next time…

 Blessings, Love & Light,

Cathy (Tia)

Touch a Heart with TIA

 Copyright 1999, 2015 Cathy W. Lauro
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