Weekly BLOG: Never Say Never! MORE Special Moments in France

Dinner in Nice France

Just as others told me, I loved Paris! But to my surprise, this trip made me fall in love with another city even more – Nice (neece) on the Mediterranean coast, also known as the French Riviera. Everything about it seemed perfect, at least for me.

Nice is very French and also heavily influenced by the Italians. What’s better than French AND Italian food? I picked out an outdoor café called Le Romarin (the herb rosemary) for dinner. I tried the special—an assortment of many different local dishes. I wasn’t quite sure what everything was, but it made my mouth water! Nothing on the plates was just okay–every bite was accompanied by “mmmm.”

When the waiter came back, I asked him to tell me what was in this, as I pointed to a cold salad-like dish. He said it was octopus! At first I was horrified as I put my glasses on and stared down at the little purple suckers. OMG! I laughed out loud! That is one food I always jokingly say that I NEVER would eat! Of course, I realized that now I really like it!

Never say never! Keeping an open mind and trying new things can lead to experiences you might not have imagined, and some of them might even be good!  This is living deeply, joyfully, and successfully; this is having The Inside Advantage (TIA)!

I have to be honest, if I had known it was octopus, I would NOT have eaten it—I guess it’s the thought of tentacles and the chance that the suckers might stick to my tongue or lips. I would eat it again. I’m grateful for the exciting and educational dinner. To finish the meal, the waiter surprised us with little glasses of liqueur;  he asked if we could tell what was it infused with. Bravely, I sipped it and immediately tasted rosemary! Voila! (there you have it!)

Check out my website blog with more pictures of Nice, France at CWLauro.com

More special moments to come. See you next week…

Blessings, Love & Light,

Cathy (Tia)
Touch a Heart with TIA

 Copyright 2015 Cathy W. Lauro
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