Weekly BLOG: A book that will touch your heart — “MORE of Tia’s Story”

Tia's Second Book

Tia’s second book includes much more of her personal journey and lessons learned, as well as ways to gain The Inside Advantage–living more deeply, joyfully, and successfully. And, find out about why she wears two different styles of earrings every day.

Her story begins…“Once upon a time, there lived a sweet, little girl named Tia who believed in dreams, make-believe, and a beautiful world—one that was kind and gentle. She was a quiet and sensitive child who thought about things deeply — Who am I? Why are we here? What is my purpose? How can I make the world a better place?”

Check out Tia’s new website TouchaHeartwithTIA.com for much more info. From there you can go to “Tia’s Story and Books.” Have fun!

Next time find out more about Tia’s third book, Tia Dreams of France.

Join Tia on her exciting and educational journey through France and even learn a little French along the way.

Blessings, Love & Light,

Touch a Heart with TIA

Copyright 2015 Cathy W. Lauro
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