Weekly BLOG: Do you believe in dreams? A little eBook that will lift your heart

Tia Dreams of France -- Tia's 3rd eBook

Guess who came with me to France? Tia! She was there every step of the way and saw everything. I took her picture all over the country. (A reminder: Tia’s initials are the same as The Inside Advantage. She is the symbol of our company, Touch a Heart with TIA, and represents the curious and innocent little child in each of us.)

Tia’s third eBook is called Tia Dreams of France. Her journey begins…

“Do you believe in DREAMS? Tia does, for sure. One great thing about dreams is that they can take you to places you’ve always wanted to go, and even to places you haven’t yet imagined! You can also re-visit places you’ve been and re-experience happy memories. Dreams are opportunities to explore, learn, and grow—to live more deeply, joyfully, and successfully!”

Check out Tia’s new website TouchaHeartwithTIA where you can download each of Tia’s eBooks for only $.99 — Join Tia on her exciting and educational journey through France and even learn a little French along the way.  Share with young loved ones.

You can also visit CWLauro.com to read my blog and see more of Tia’s pictures in France.

Tia reminds me to allow myself to be childlike and carefree—that’s a way to treat myself with loving kindness and to honor the inner child as the miracle she is and always has been. Isn’t that what your inner child deserves, too?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. More special moments to come. See you next week…

Blessings, Love & Light,

Touch a Heart with TIA

Copyright 2015 Cathy W. Lauro
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