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Weekly BLOG: What do you see in Tia’s eyes?

Tia is the little character and symbol of our company Touch a Heart with TIA. Her initials come from The Inside Advantage® which is a term we use to describe living deeply, joyfully, and successfully. By the way, Tia always … Continue reading

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Weekly BLOG: Connecting with the past – in a good way

Discovering ancestors can be like putting together pieces of a large puzzle. When we assemble some of the parts, we are able to see at least a small section of the whole picture, and we may like what we discover … Continue reading

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Weekly BLOG: 9/11 Angel in Anguish — Special Remembrance

I moved to New Jersey one year after the horrific  9-11 tragedy in New York. Some of the victims were from my little town on the Jersey Shore. This is a beautiful statue of a weeping angel called Angel in … Continue reading

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Weekly BLOG: Count Our Blessings

Having been in extreme physical pain for almost an entire month, I am reminded to count my blessings –not only for feeling better, but also for everything — the colors of the sky, pink rainbows, white clouds overhead, green grass … Continue reading

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