Weekly BLOG: 9/11 Angel in Anguish — Special Remembrance

Angel in Anguish - Statue in NJ

Angel in Anguish – Statue in NJ

I moved to New Jersey one year after the horrific  9-11 tragedy in New York. Some of the victims were from my little town on the Jersey Shore. This is a beautiful statue of a weeping angel called Angel in Anguish; their names are marked in stone.

During the two years I lived there, I took many trips to NYC on the train, and each time I thought of those who lost their lives, of the rescuers, helpers, families, friends, and bystanders who walked the streets that day.

On the first commemoration in 2002, when so much of the buildings’ devastation was still to be seen, I felt gratitude to be there to ring the large bell as each victim’s name was read. I stood in line twice so I could ring the bell for a second time. Each time I cried.

I  invite you to visit this week’s BLOG on my website CWLauro.com for more pictures. And, see my BLOG from November 7, 2014 for more info on this:  On a recent trip to NYC (Manhattan) I visited the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

My heart and prayers go out those left behind—to those whose lives have been forever changed. May they find comfort and peace in their sweet and loving memories.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. See you next time…

Blessings, Love & Light,

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