BLOG: It’s finally here: Tia’s SECRET Pillowcase for YOU and Your Loved Ones!

         Tia holding her SECRET Pillowcase          Tia's SECRET Pillowcase and Keepsake Heart           Cathy with secret pillowcase

Would you like to touch someone’s heart in a totally unique and extraordinary way?

Now you can with The Inside Advantage®  SECRET Pillowcase and Keepsake Collection.  It’s a patented, multi-purpose pillowcase and is the perfect gift of LOVE!  (For ages 5 and up, including ADULTS)

Write a special caring note, tuck it in the pocket of one of Tia’s special Keepsakes, and place the Keepsake in pillowcase’s hidden compartment made of soft fleece! 

In the Keepsake Collection:   Hearts and Stars, Xs and Os, Butterflies and Teeth for the Tooth Fairy.

For a limited time — get a Keepsake Heart FREE with The Inside Advantage®  SECRET Pillowcase!

Share the Love & Wishes, Hugs & Kisses, and Joy!!!

Treat yourself and others with loving kindness!

For EXTRA FUN:  You can download and read all three of Tia’s eBOOKS to your loved ones. (Tia’s Story, MORE of Tia’s Story, and Tia Dreams of France)

Find our more and Order Now at  TouchaHeartwithTIA

Please share this message with everyone—all of your friends and families—and ask them to pass it on to everyone they know. Tia says, “Thank you!”

See you next time…

Blessings, Love & Light,


Touch a Heart with TIA

Copyright 2015 Cathy W. Lauro

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