BLOG: Being Grateful


Each New Day is Something to Celebrate!

Hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving and that you truly felt grateful for whatever blessings you have. It’s better to count our blessings rather than our problems, right?

Life is easier when we try not to compare ourselves and how we celebrate holidays, with others and how they celebrate. We may have traditions that we continue to follow all our lives, or not. How we celebrate doesn’t really matter; it’s the act of celebrating life that’s important, and we don’t need to wait for one day on the calendar. 

I remember my first Thanksgiving being married; we had just moved to another city and for the first time, were not with our families. We were invited to some new friends’ home for a homemade Mexican feast, including beautiful table decorations. We had a wonderful time!

It made me realize that we can celebrate holidays in any way we choose, just as we can celebrate and experience joy every day by choosing to focus on what is good and to give thanks.

We may spend time with others during holidays, or we can be alone. Being alone is different from being lonely. If you enjoy your own company, then you are really never alone. If you believe in God, or the creator of the universe, you do not need to feel lonely—God, angels, spirits are all around you, showering you with love, peace and joy—you just have to be open to that.

Being grateful is really a personal thing because it comes from inside us; we can rejoice in a crowd, or we can express our gratitude in the quiet solitude for all the happy memories from the past, for this present moment filled with as much joy as we can create, and for the hope of a bright tomorrow–that is having The Inside Advantage–living deeply, joyfully, and successfully. Happy, Happy Holidays!

I invite you to look around my website at to see what might brighten your day.

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.

Blessings, Love & Light,

Touch a Heart with TIA

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